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A crowdfunding platform that designs, manufactures, promotes and distributes products for brands and content creators. We’ve worked with over 1000 creators and brands to produce limited edition products for fans across the world.

Our Values

Make Ship Happen

Through using a fully crowd-sourced funding model, we’re able to offer our services to creators at no cost. We want creators to focus on what they do best, which is creating, and we handle the rest.

Make Good

We values sustainability and take environmental action through carbon offsetting donations and responsible packaging.

Make Communities

We have the unique opportunity to work with creators, brands, fans, and the Makeship team. We want to cultivate this group into a super community that can advance the creator economy movement.




We want you to be a Makeship Maker! In exchange, we'll set you up with affiliate commissions, gifts, and collaboration opportunities. Help us drive the creator economy forward by supporting fellow creators with their campaigns!

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Footage of Abi Toads holding their Fly Agaric Mushling Plushie
Footage of The Click with their Emotional Support Demon PlushieFootage of Ten Hundred holding their Sven Bunn Plushie
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